Porsche Approved Roadside Assist | Used Porsche

Porsche Approved Roadside Assist | Used Porsche

A Porsche is designed to be driven. Preferably all the time.

Included with all Porsche warranties, and renewed every time you service your Porsche at an Official Porsche Centre, Porsche Roadside Assist gives you the security of coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, anywhere in Australia. Speak to your Porsche Service Consultant for details.

Need Roadside Assistance?
Please call the Porsche Roadside Assist 24 hour assistance toll free number 1800 659 911.

Why do you need Porsche Roadside Assist?

Hopefully you never will. But in the case of an emergency – you’re involved in a collision, sustain a flat battery or tyres, run out of fuel or are locked out – Porsche Roadside Assist will be there to assist you with all your needs. It is important to remember that only approved Porsche Centres are qualified to carry out the repair and diagnosis of your Porsche – even in an emergency.

What will Porsche Roadside Assist do?

It offers you roadside assistance for your Porsche, anywhere throughout Australia, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including vehicle rental, legal and medical assistance and accommodation when travelling over 100 km away from home. 

What do you need to contact Porsche Roadside Assist?

The easiest way for the technical operator to identify you is via your vehicle’s VIN or chassis number.
This can be found on your vehicle (left hand front of the windscreen or vehicle compliance plate). If you cannot locate this number you can volunteer other forms of identification (registration number, name etc). 

What exactly does your Porsche Roadside Assist cover?

Mechanical Assistance
In the event of minor breakdown, temporary adjustments to your Porsche which can be performed on the spot will be made to ensure that you and your vehicle are back on the road with the minimum of fuss. If your car cannot be mobilised, Porsche Roadside Assist will transport your vehicle to the nearest Official Porsche Centre. If necessary, transportation will also be arranged for you and your passengers to your destination within the same city or town.

Non-mechanical Assistance
Tyre change, flat battery, out of fuel and locked or lost keys are all covered by your Porsche Roadside Assist.

Emergency fuel
If your Porsche runs out of fuel we will provide sufficient fuel (at our cost) for you to travel to the nearest fuelling facility, or transport your vehicle there for you.

The service that is provided in the event of an accident includes arranging towing of your vehicle to the nearest authorised repairer, arranging transport to get you to your destination, relaying any messages or altering arrangements as you require.
N.B. The costs of towing, alternative transport or accommodation following an accident are not covered by Porsche Roadside Assist.

Legal advice
Telephone Legal Advice is available 24 hours a day in relation to any matter involving the ownership and use of your Porsche. Advice does not extend to preparation of briefs or personal interviews.

Locked or lost keys
With adequate proof of ownership, Porsche Roadside Assist can help in reopening your vehicle or locating your spare keys. 
Some later model Porsches are fitted with a sophisticated high security engine immobiliser, incorporating a micro chip built into your ignition key to enable the engine of the vehicle to start. The loss of the keys will render your Porsche totally immobile. As the keys are unique to each Porsche, there can be some delay in sourcing new keys, Porsche Roadside Assist urges you to treat your keys as an item of high security. 

What happens if your Porsche is immobilised for more than 24 hours in the event of a breakdown?

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Car Rental

To allow you to continue your journey, Porsche Roadside Assist will provide you with a rental vehicle for up to five days. Please note stamp duty, delivery fees, accident excess, toll charges and fuel costs are not included. Alternative transportation will be provided to your home address
or intended destination should car rental be unavailable.

What happens if your Porsche is immobilised more than 100 km away from home?

Vehicle recovery

If you continue your journey, Porsche Roadside Assist will transport your Porsche to you, after repairs have been completed. This applies where the breakdown occurs more than 100 km away from home.

Porsche Roadside Assist will arrange and pay for up to five night’s accommodation for the driver of your car plus passengers (maximum $300 per night in total). This applies only if they decide to remain with the vehicle whilst it is being repaired locally.

Is there anything Porsche Roadside Assist does not cover? 
The following services are excluded from your cover:

  • All costs related to parts, labour and other associated costs for the repair of your Porsche including replacement batteries and/or tyres.
  • Where a rental car is provided, you will be responsible for any costs which would normally be payable by you such as petrol or toll charges and accident excess in the event the rental car is involved in an accident.
  • Towing after an accident, bogged vehicles, recovery of disabled vehicles in areas that are not accessible to normal four wheel drive vehicles and the towing or recovery of caravans or trailers will be coordinated, however all costs remain the responsibility of the owner or the owner’s insurance company.

Is Porsche Roadside Assist transferable?
Yes. Your cover is fully transferable to the new owner of your vehicle at any time during the period of cover.

For more information on Porsche Roadside Assist, please contact your Official Porsche Centre


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